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We work hard for our clients, the people who employ models, with high-end professionalism focused on their specific requirements and strive to provide best talent.
Max Models Group got established in 2005 with a motive to search the best talents and to give them a platform to show their talent , today Max Models has become a selective company specialized in the recruitment ,development and managements of models to work in fashion, advertising ,television and movies. We are a prime resource for new talents for clients through out India . We are dealing with the best clients in the industry which are involve in creating great peace of work in entertainment and advertising industry. Max Models has become a prime source for production houses and ad agencies to get the best talents for their products. In Max Models we always strives to find our clients the most suitable professional for each project in the shortest time possible.
Apart from Models and actors Max Models Group is also a talent agency for, photographers, stylists and make-up artists.
Max Models is not just up to the model casting and coordination; we are expertise in styling packages comprising models portfolio, training, pr, celebrity management services, promotion publicity, event management, and all specifically tailored services to suit to our client’s demand.

Our Aim

Dreams……that’s how it all start, dream to do something dream to get noticed and dream to make it big and to achieve all that one needs the right kind of effort and a right platform. The glamour and entertainment industry promises to fulfill all the dreams. if one has the talent, and guts then Max Models promises to take one, beyond the success. Max Models have the simple objective and that is, to promote the establish and aspiring models and to give them a platform where they can meet the industry of glamour and entertainment.
Max Models is the only company that bridges the space between the polarized worlds of brands and entertainment. We do not take on pure-play entertainment projects or pure-play brand consultancy projects, We provide an entertainment perspective to the process of brand building.
We believe that brands can be made entertaining with the relevant use of entertainers and entertainment. In Max Models we will start from scratch and take you beyond success. Let’s get the golden effect by Max Models touch………

How to become a model?

Modelling industry in India and worldwide growing so rapidly, plenty of brands advertisements, new designer wear launches, new movies and plenty of serial project are formalizing and each of theses industry requires good models , those who are going to be the face of their products.
If one thinks that a good face, a good physique, a good figure are the only things that can take one there, then give it a second thought because its all about a sound personality and talent , if one just has that, then leave the rest on Max Models team.
So to become a successful model you need a sound and active personality, to start with you need a have professional portfolio which will show variety of looks of yours, which will help production houses and ad agencies that what kind of looks you can fit into, once your portfolio is ready our agency start sending your portfolio to various production houses and ad agencies as per their requirement, once you get short listed for their product , we negotiate on your behalf for your remunerations. TIPS & TECHNIQUES FOR MODELS (MALE / FEMALE / KIDS)

How to choose a Modelling Agency?

As this Modelling Industry is growing plenty of Modelling agencies are mushrooming too ,but one should have to understand that only certain agencies qualifies the parameter of good modeling agency. So always check certain detail before joining a modeling agency

  • What kind of projects agency was involved dealing with
  • How old is the agency
  • What kind of credentials it has in the industry
  • How does a modelling agency profits
  • An agency gets 25% from every assignment it provides you

What kind of grooming required to become a success full model?

We have briefed in our tip and techniques section what kind grooming you required, the of But one of the fact is that the industry standard expectations are also growing because everyone wants the best model to showcase their product, as well as the competition is also growing among models.

For Females Models

Always try keep yourself fit an in a toned up shape, take care of your health, beauty and hair, toned up doesn’t mean that you need to be ultra slim or you have to start starving to become a skinny model, today industry standards are changing , most of the time industry looks for models whom they can connect with the viewer , so most important is a very sound personality and a smiling face.
Whenever you go for a portfolio shoot, always try to be comfortable with the photographer and the dress designer, brief the photographer what kind of looks you are looking for as well try to take his advice also, go through some fashion magazine ,which will help you understanding to give a variety of looks.

For Males Models

For male models we always suggest that require a good physique, good physique doesn’t mean that one should have to be a body builder, what you require is a fit body because the basic requirement is most of the time a very sound personality, which is Impressive ,always carry a smile on your face when go for audition always note down every detail about the audition and go accordingly.
Whenever you go for a portfolio shoot, always try to be comfortable with the photographer and the dress designer, brief the photographer what kind of looks you are looking for as well try to take his advice also, if you are looking for some bare look shots carry some gym equipments to pump up your body before every shot, try to go through some fashion magazine, which will help you understanding to give a variety of looks.

For Kids Models

The tips here are mostly for the parents because they have to understand the requirement for the kids, never ever force your kids to go for the audition or for shoot always try to see that they should do it if they enjoy , because it’s a kind of personality development exercise, always listen to your agency suggestion, take a brief of every audition and go accordingly, always try that the kid should be in good mood before going to any audition , try to be a bit friendly with the casting directors but don’t disturb them by asking questions like when you get the result or what they are looking or when is the next audition always ask all these questions to your agency.
When you are going for a portfolio shoot through your agency always try to take general detail how to go for the shoot, try to shoot with kid specialist photographer that your agency suggest instead of studio pictures.
Try to carry extra dresses for the kids rather than the fix number of changes, try to keep the kid in a happy mood, don’t force him to give expressions, leave this on photographer.

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